Dr. Maria (Maryia) Danilovich is a researcher at the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies (ACE), Lund University, and at the Centre for Modern East Asian Studies (CeMEAS) at the University of Göttingen.  She holds a Ph.D. in History, obtained for her thesis on China’s foreign policy in Central Asia. As part of her doctoral research, she conducted fieldwork in China (incl. Xinjiang), Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. She was an EEGA postdoctoral fellow at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography (2021), a Swedish Institute postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University (2018-2019) and a guest researcher at SIPRI. Her teaching experience includes working as an Associate Professor in International Relations at Belarusian State University. She recently published on China’s foreign policy in Eastern Europe (with focus on Belarus) and Central Asia, and the implementation of China’s BRI in both regions.

Dr. Neelima Jeychandran is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Asian Studies and African Studies Program at the Pennsylvania State University. She is the co-editor of the book Reimagining Indian Ocean Worlds (2020) and the series editor of the Routledge Indian Ocean and Trans-Asia book series. She is also the co-editor of the Verge journal issue on Indian Ocean Studies, Afro-Asian Affinities (Spring 2022).

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