The BRI in Eurasia: An Updated Construction of the Region?

Eurasia in the narrow view, the former post-Soviet space, in which the institutions that emerged in the previous era continue to function. Attempts to reintegrate fragments of the former Soviet space in various forms. Why Belt Road as an Initiative causes positive reactions from the post-Soviet elites at the same time is more attractive from... Continue Reading →

China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia: A New Formula for Regional Success Guaranteed

Since the very start of China’s Belt and Road (BRI) project, Central Asia has become the core element of its implementation from the geostrategic and infrastructural points of view. Strategic partnerships with the Central Asian states laid a solid foundation for the further promotion of China’s initiative in Eurasia. However, after the start of ‘conjugation’... Continue Reading →

What is the BRI? The Case of Central Asia

There are questions regarding what is known of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Central Asia. To address this gap, a study was conducted from a micro-level perspective, which focused on the presence and impact of the BRI in the region. It was carried out jointly, in 2018–2019, by seven researchers from Norway and... Continue Reading →

From a Historical Ivory Port to a BRI Port: The Transformation of Bagamoyo, Tanzania

This research examines how China’s historical maritime connections with the Swahili Coast are now being rewritten to fit the sociocultural and political narrative of the Belt Road Initiative (BRI)—an ambitious multilevel program sponsored by the Chinese Government. Studying the problematic nature of Chinese stakeholdership in the port town of Bagamoyo, the research shows how select... Continue Reading →

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